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Bed reservations

  1. How can I apply for accommodation at the halls of residence?

    No applications need to be submitted, there is no waiting list. There are no criteria, no points. You can simply book a bed using the electronic application:ISKaMsee timetable.

  2. I have booked a bed and decided to change the date of my arrival/departure/halls of residence, what should I do?

    You can edit the reservation in ISKAM yourself. Nevertheless, it is necessary to cancel the signature of the accommodation contract beforehand. If you would like to cancel your reservation completely, cancelling the signature of the accommodation contract is not enough, you need to send an e-mail to ubytovani(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz with the request to cancel your reservation. Providing you do so before 31st August 2019, you will be given back the deposit.

  3. Can I book a bed before I enrol for studies?

    Unfortunately not. To be able to book a bed, you need an UČO number and a password, which you will be given when enrolling.

  4. I am going to interrupt/change/finish my current studies and go on to study at a different faculty/a different subject in autumn. Will it affect my reservation/ will my reservation be cancelled?

    Interrupting/changing studies has no effect on the reservation. If your SUPO account expires because of interrupting your studies, it will become active again once you resume your studies. Your SUPO account can be deactivated for up to three months - if the interruption of your studies lasts longer, send an email with the request to extend the validity of SUPO to ubytovani(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz

  5. Can I stay at the halls of residence with my boyfriend/girlfriend in a double room? How should I procede, should I fill out a form?

    It is not necessary to fill out a form but the room is to be booked at the accommodation provider's office of the relevant halls of residence because the system will not let you book a room for a mixed couple. The room can be booked on the condition that there are double rooms available - Vinařská halls of residence or Mánesova halls of residence. There is only a limited number of individual double rooms at other dormitories. Any changes (e.g. changing the date of arrival/departure) have to be arranged with the accommodation provider (they cannot be done electronically).

  6. I would like to have a 4-bed room at Vinařská or Kounicova dormitory but these types of rooms are not being offered, why?

    At Kounicova and Vinařská halls of residence, there are mainly 2-bed rooms. There is a very limited number of 4-bed rooms (Vinařská 22) and the demand for them is usually so high that they are booked very quickly. As of September 1st 2017, the rooms at Kounicova and Vinařská A3 have been turned into 3-bed rooms. If there are no rooms on offer, it means that all rooms are booked.

  7. I am leaving for Erasmus in summer. Can I sign the contract for a period shorter than one year?

    Yes, you can. The date of starting the accommodation can be chosen only from certain dates fixed for this purpose when pre-accommodating (2nd September to 15th September). You can choose the date of termination, minimum till 30th November 2019, maximum till 30th June 2020. Accommocation contract can be prolonged a month before the intended termination at the latest. Early termination of the contract can only be done by filling out a form with a one months' notice.

Checking in

  1. I have been assigned a bed at the halls of residence but I do not want to be accommodated because I am going to stay at a different place or I am not going to study at MU.

    The allocated bed can be cancelled by sending an e-mail including a request of booking cancellation to: ubytovani(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz. Providing the request is received by 31st August at the latest, the booking deposit will be returned to SUPO. The deposit becomes non-refundable after this date.

  2. Could I check in at the halls of residence on 25th September even though my contract starts 15th September? I will be returning from a study programme abroad and I cannot check in earlier than the given date.

    The student who has signed the accommodation contract and paid the reservation deposit has a bed booked until 22nd September 2019. At halls of residence with no permanent reception service (Tvrdého, nám. Míru, Mánesova and Veveří) checking in is possible only on work days from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. - this does not concern 14th and 15th September (the official check in date). When checking in later then on 22nd September, it is necessary to request an extension of the reservation by sending an e-mail to: ubytovani(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz including the date of checking in. If you make a reservation, the accommodation fee is paid from the first day of the accommodation contract (compensation for the later arrival).

  3. Can I have a look at the room I reserved before checking in? Can I change rooms? Can I cancel my accommodation at the halls of residence after having checked in if I don't like it?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible due to organizational reasons. It is necessary to check in more than 3,000 students within 2 days. If you find out about any problem, defect or flaw, please, sort it out immediately with the accommodation provider/receptionist of the relevant halls of residence. If you come to the accommodation provider the day you checked in, it is possible to cancel the contract (nevertheless, you will lose the booking deposit), the contract cannot be cancelled later and it is necessary to procede according to Article 2, par. 3 of the Accommodation Contract (sample contract can be found on the web). Providing you find the allocated bed inconvenient for any reason, it is possible, within the limits of the dormitory, to negotiate an exchange.

Payments / SUPO

  1. The pricelist shows a charge per night - should I pay for weekends, too, even if I go home for the weekends?

    Long-term accommodation is paid for the whole month, regardless of whether you are physically present. There are two exceptions and that is the first and the last month of your stay for which you pay an amount corresponding to the number of days (depending on the date of checking in and out). If you want to be accommodated only during certain days of the week, you may use short-term accommodation.

  2. What is the account number of Masaryk University?

    All the details concerning the accommodation payment can be found in Directions for paying the deposit and accommodation payment - see information concerning the current academic year.

  3. What data are required to make a payment from abroad?

    Information concerning payment from abroad can be found at: https://inet.muni.cz/app/supo/info?zalozky=platby

  4. I have booked a bed for the following year at the halls of residence and I have sent the amount of money to pay the booking deposit to SUPO account. The deposit does not appear to be paid when looking at the SUPO account statement. Is there anything else that should be done?

    No, the deposit is transfered automatically from your SUPO account on the due date.

  5. I do not understand how SUPO works/ I do not understand the SUPO statement.

    FAQ concerning SUPO https://inet.muni.cz/app/supo/info?zalozkyMain=faq

Checking out

  1. What is the course of action if I want to leave the halls of residence earlier than the accommodation contract finishes?

    The accommodation contract can be cancelled prematurely in accordance with article II paragraph 2b with a month notice period. The notice form will be given to you by the accommodation provider of the relevant dormitory and online at http://www.skm.muni.cz/doc/kolej/vypoved-ubytovani.cz.pdf. The facts stated above apply regardless of the reason for the termination of the contract, which means it also applies to cases when studies are terminated involuntarily.

  2. Why am I charged for a premature termination of accommodation when I had the account settled on the day of the termination of accommodation?

    You are not charged any extra fees, only for the last month of your accommodation. The payment is split into two payments - the first part is for accommodation until the day of the contract termination and the rest of the month is charged as a premature termination of accommodation.