The Klácelova Halls of Residence

A listed heritage villa in Masarykova čtvrť. It is situated near Kraví Hora Sport and Recreation area, swimming pool and observatory. The accommodation capacity is 313 beds (5 twin rooms, 79 triple rooms, 14 rooms for four people, 2 rooms for five people). There are shared sanitary facilities and kitchens. Each room has a WiFi eduroam. available. There is also a gym, a TV room, study rooms.

You will find us

in Masarykova čtvrť. The connection from the centre by tram No. 4, the final stop, Nám. Míru - find on the map.

Contact information

Address: Klácelova 282/2, 602 00 Brno
Reception: 549 49 2728
Head of Accommodation Services: 549 49 2718 (The Kounicova Halls of residence)
Accommodation Provider: 549 49 2728
e-mail: koleje(tečka)klacelova(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz

Fire protection documents

Fire alarm directive and fire evacuation plan.

Change of linen

According to the schedule on the reception noticeboard.

halls of residence building entrance hall kitchen social area gym gym room