Komárov Halls of Residence

Komárov Halls of Residence is located in a quiet part of southern Brno. It consists of three buildings - the Bří Žůrků Hall, the Sladkého Hall, the Lomená Hall. Each room in these three objects is equipped with an Internet connection. In the vicinity there are Olympia and Avion shopping centres. There are also cycle lanes, sportsgrounds and swimming pool.

Komárov Halls of Residence

Bří Žůrků Hall

The overall capacity of 479 beds. There are 89 twin rooms and 89 tripple rooms (shared sanitary facilities for pairs of rooms - 1 twin and 1 triple), 17 twin rooms with their own sanitary facilitites. Shared kitchens are on the corridors of each floor. There is a common TV room and a gym.

The Sladkého Hall

The overall capacity is 402 beds. There are 145 single rooms, 85 twin rooms, 11 individual single rooms and 38 individual twin rooms. Most rooms are two-room studios with (a single and a twin) with a toilet and a washbasin. Shared kitchens and bathrooms are in the corridors on each floor.

Lomená Hall

The overall capacity is 177 beds. There are 74 twin rooms and 15 single rooms with shared kitchen and sanitary facitlities (5-6 beds in single or twin rooms). There are also 7 twin rooms with their own sanitary facilities and a kitchen. There is no reception service on the premises - it is provided by the Bří Žůrků Hall.

How to get there

The connection from the main train station is by tram No. 12, the terminal stop Komárov.

Contact information

operating assistant of the hall: 549 49 2724, fax: 549 49 2750
assistant for accommodation: 549 49 7535 (blok A)
e-mail: koleje(tečka)komarov(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz

Bří Žůrků Hall (A + B)

address: bří. Žůrků 591/5, 617 00 Brno, find on the map
reception: 549 49 2715

The Sladkého Hall (C)

address: Sladkého 537/13, 617 00 Brno, find on the map
reception: 549 49 2725

Lomená Hall (D)

address: Lomená 633/48, 617 00 Brno, find on the map

Change of linen

in accordance with the timetable on the noticeboard.

the building of bří Žůrků Hall the building of Sladkého Hall the building of Lomená Hall a twin room a triple room a shared kitchen a twin room a single room a single room a twin room a twin room a single room