Students accommodation

Accommodation and Catering Services offers 4041 beds in 12 student accommodation facilities in different parts of Brno and at different prices.

At all halls of residence there is Internet connection There is a laundry room, TV room and a study room available at each halls of residence. All rooms are equipped with a fridge.


Bed reservation

19th September 2016

As of September 19th 2016, a bed can only be reserved by sending a request from your university email account to The request should include your UČO number, the preferred halls of residence, the date of checking in and out. Accommodation can be requested a week before checking in at the earliest. The minimum length of stay is until November 11th 2016.

Your reservation will be confirmed by email along with further information. Currently vacant beds are continuously updated online.

Jana Hradilová, Head of Residence Management SKM MU

Settlement of the deposit and dormitory fee

19th September 2016

The dormitory fee is to be paid in advance in the relevant month in accordance with the SUPO timetable (nevertheless, the money should be credited to the SUPO account on 10th day of the month).
For the check-ins from 17th to 18th September there is only one due date off the timetable 27th September 2016.
When checking in throughout the month, the dormitory fee is due to 10th day from the check-in. In addition to the dormitory fee, the accommodation deposit is to be paid too in the first month. The accommodation deposit is a cash advance for the last month according to the accommodation contract (the deposit will be automatically credited with the last month of the accommodation). Further payment information - how to pay, can be found in Settlement of the deposit and dormitory fee instructions.
Thus in September you are to pay the adequate amount of money for a part of September + the accommodation deposit minus the reservation deposit. If you have a direct debit, it is necessary to set a sufficient limit.

Provided that you check in later than on the date stated in the contract, no matter whether within 25th September or later on the basis of the reservation, a compensation for the late check-in will be charged to you, not the dormitory fee. 

Jana Hradilová, head of UP SKM MU

Exchange of beds at the halls of residence

16th September 2016

Exchanging beds between halls of residence is currently not possible. Beds can be exchanged on the first working day of each month. For more information please see the notice regarding the exchange of beds.

An exchange of beds for October 3rd can be requested on September 29th at the earliest.

Jana Hradilová, Head of Residence Management SKM MU

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