Canteen news

Mexican Cuisine Days

8th March 2019

Dear boarders,
the cooks of our canteens would like to invite you to taste the specialities of Mexican cuisine:

in the week  11th March - 15th March 2019 in the Academic restaurant and UKB snack bars
in the week 18th March - 22th March 2019 in the Vinařská canteen and snack bar

We are looking forward to your visit. Enjoy the meals!

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Změna ceny stravovaní v menzách SKM MU

23rd January 2019

Vážení studenti, z důvodu snížení dotace MŠMT na stravování studentů o 6 mil. Kč  oproti minulému kalendářnímu roku a avizovanému navyšování provozních nákladů 2019, především cen energií, dojde od 1.2.2019 v kalkulaci jedné porce pro kategorii „student“ k navýšení průměrné ceny pro strávníka s DPH o 4,62 Kč oproti roku 2018. O změnách v cenotvorbě informoval ředitel SKM  dne 13. 12. 2018 členy Komise pro stravovací politiku Masarykovy univerzity.

Roman Tancoš, manažer provozu stravovacích služeb

Sale of winning wines at MU canteens and snack bars

13th December 2018

Dear guests,

as of Thursday, 13th December, you can buy the winning university wines at all the MU snack bars and canteens.

The wines on offer are:

MUNI 100 red cuvee wine in a gift bag for 360 CZK
Student university Riesling in a gift box for 150 CZK

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Veveří snack bar reopening

9th November 2018

Dear guests,

as of Friday November 16th the Veveří snack bar will be open again. Monday to Fridays until 3.00 PM.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

MobilKredit 2 - new version of the application

17th October 2018

Dear guests,
there have been changes in the MobilKredit application for our catering services.

In order for the application to work properly, you need to install the new version - MobilKredit 2. This concerns Android and iOS.

The original MobilKredit application (by Lukáš Novák / AstrumQ Interactive) is no longer supported and we recommend uninstalling it.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Information for students

14th June 2018

You may find information about catering and accommodation at Masaryk University for 2018 in the SKM MU newsletter

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Faculty of Science - Snack Bar

13th June 2018

As of July 2018, the PřF (Faculty of Science) snack bar will be run by the staff members of Veveří canteen until they are able to resume work at Veveří canteen. For more information, please contact Mr. Chuchma, Veveří canteen manager, at 601 363 191.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

MobilKredit - canteens in your mobile phone

8th January 2018

Dear boarders,
Your boarding account can also be operated through MobilKredit application in your mobile phone. The application will provide you the possibility to see the currently available offer of meals in relevant canteens, order meals in advance, check the history of your account - everything right in your mobile phone. 

Instructions concerning the installation of the application can be found on  MobilKredit website.

The currently available offer of meals has newly been processed into WebKredit application.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Extended Services in MU Canteens

1st December 2017

Dear ladies and gentlemen, employees and students,
On the occasion of starting a new academic year, certain services have been extended:

- The Academic canteen on Moravské nám. will open a brand new "Vegan bar" where supporters of the raw food diet will have the opportunity to sample meals prepared by our chefs specially trained by experts under the auspices of the Czech Association of Cooks and Confectioners, of which we are members.

- Menus are available in the current menus section in WebKredit where you can access the English version by clicking on the English flag icon. Your account can also be managed using the MobilKredit application.

The menus also include the numbers of allergens in the meals according to the table in the current menus section.

- You will regularly be informed about gastronomical events of international cuisines which take place in individual canteens every month.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

New offer of vegetable side dish

30th November 2017

Dear boarders,
Apart from the usual side dishes, you can also choose a healthier possibility in the shape of warm vegetable side dish with made to order meals for the same price.

Another possibility is to choose some other usual side dish and spoil yourself with an extra warm vegetable side dish for 10,- CZK.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Change of WebKredit Authentication

12th July 2017

Dear guests,

as of July 12th 2017, signing into the WebKredit system will be integrated with the unified MUNI login. Please use your UČO number and primary password to sign in.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

A new appearance of the sign-in page

19th May 2017

The sign-in page for:

- WebKredit

- PKS Aneta

and other Masaryk University services which require the UČO and secondary password for user identity verification will get a new look as of May 24th 2016.

There will be no changes to the function, the users' login information remains the same. To have a look at the older and the newer version of the website, see

Ing. František Dočekal, head of UTS and IT

Putting the deposit into the boarding card

18th May 2017

Dear customers,
in order to ensure a continuous distribution and sale in the MU canteens, please, use the possibility of the cashless transfer between the SUPO university system and Webkredit system when depositing money into your boarding card. More information and instructions can be found in section "Connecting SUPO-Kredit".

The deposit can also be put into the  boarding account in meal tickets. Certain meal tickets of different nominal values are accepted by cashiers. The withdrawal of cash from the account is limited by the amount of 100,- CZK. Higher amount can be withdrawed at the operation manager's office.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager