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List of food allergens which are subject to legislative labelling in accordance with directive 1169/11 EU

1 Cereals containing gluten - and products thereof
1a) wheat
1b) rye
1c) barley
1d) oats
1e) spelt
1f) kamut
2 Shellfish and products thereof
3 Eggs an products thereof
4 Fish and products thereof
5 Groundnut(Peanuts) and products thereof
6 Soya beans (soya) and products thereof
7 Milk and products thereof
8 Hard shell fruit and all the products thereof - all kinds of nuts
8a) almonds
8b) hazelnuts
8c) walnuts
8d) cashew nuts
8e) pecan nuts
8f) brazil nuts
8g) pistachios
8h) macadam nuts
9 Celeriac and products thereof
10 Mustard and products thereof
11 Sesame seeds (sesame) and products thereof
12 Sulfur dioxide and sulphites in concentration of more than 10 mg, ml/kg, l, expressed as SO2
13 Sundial lupine and products thereof
14 Shellfish and products thereof

Price Information

Prices of meals differ according to specific contract conditions.

Individual prices of meals can be checked in the meal ordering system WebKredit after login.

Weight of side dishes

Most frequently desired side dishes are offered at the following weights:

Chips 150 g
Boiled new potatoes 260 g
Boiled potatoes 260 g
Rice 200 g
Pasta 200 g
Mixed stewed vegetables 200 g

Complete list of side dishes.