The directive on catering


  • Law 471/2005 Code, complete version of law No. 258/2000 Code, about public health protection and about certain changes of some related laws as a consequence of subsequent changes
  • Public notice no. 602/2006 Code which causes a change in Public notice No. 137/2004 Code, about hygienic requirements concerning boarding services and about principles of personal and operating sanitation when carrying out epidemicly serious activities
  • European Parliament and Council (ES)decree No. 852/2004 about sanitation of food from 29th April 2004 (in force from 1st January 2006)
  • European Commission regulation No 1079/2013 as of 31st October 2013, laying down transitional measures related to the regulation of the European Parliament and Comission (EC) No 853/2004 and (EC) No 854/2004.