Basic information about the KREDIT catering system

Kredit boarding system has been provided and developed by the company Anete. Boarders order their meals through their boarding accountwhich is assigned an active card. The boarder is identified by the card in the canteen. The boarding account in Kredit system is made for MU persons automatically (once they are in an active relationship to MU they have an active card).

Types of accounts

Kredit system works with two types of accounts:

  • Deposit - boarders spend their in advance deposited finances.
  • Free - boarders have their meals during the month on credit and they cover the claim subsequetly.

Meal prices

The price of food provided in canteens is determined according to calculative formulas and takes into consideration the entry price of food consumed purchased via the FBS purchasing system, operating and overhead costs, the applicable rate of value added tax and, for foreign diners, a premium is calculated in the price according to the Rules for Calculating the Price of Masaryk University and SKM Management Rules. Operating and overhead costs are fixed and are fixed once a year at the end of February, according to SKM's management the previous year. The cost of meals for students takes into consideration the MŠMT subsidy and the cost of meals for staff takes into consideration the employer's contribution to the relevant calendar year.

What does that mean in practice? SKM canteens have automatic dynamic pricing. Every day, raw materials for preparing the best-affordable meals compete. Input prices enter as data into software that calculates the resulting price for the customer. The price level for the customer is therefore determined by the price of the feedstock and the SKM premium including the cost of making the meals. The current increase in raw material entry prices is the reason for the overall higher meal prices at SKM. If entry prices fall, there will be a price drop for the customer again. Everything happens automatically according to the computational formula. This is how meal prices at SKM have been determined since 2010.

We give an example: One week we buy cauliflower for 50,-CZK to prepare fried cauliflower and the price is x, but the next week we buy cauliflower for 80,- CZK and the price of fried cauliflower will be higher by the cost associated with the price of cauliflower.

Meal prices are listed in current menus after signing into Webkredit or Mobilkredit, on the screens in canteens and in a printed form. They are determined for individual boarders by categorizing the boarder into a group:

  • Student, full time studies.
  • Employee, employees with a right for subsidies provided by the employer. Employees may find more information in the leaflet MU canteen meals for employees.
  • Boarder without any benefit, employees without any subsidy, students of combined studies, persons outside MU.

Categorizing MU boarders into groups is carried out by ÚVT MU based on personnel (PaMS) and study MU system (IS) data. SKM MU does not evaluate the data, only receives them, every day at 1:00 a.m.

SUPO Kredit

The Kredit boarding system is interconnected with the SUPO system (The Public System of Remittances and Claims of Persons). Boarders who have an active SUPO can use this interconnection in two forms according to the type of their account:

  • Boarders with a deposit account can use cashless transfers of finances (recharging) between SUPO and Kredit (manual as well as automatic) in the application WebKredit (the biggest group of boarders consists mainly of students and employees).
  • Boarders with a free account use SUPO for covering their month's claims which is carried out in the form of deduction from their salary at MU. This system can be used optionally only by MU employees.

WebKredit, MobilKredit

Each boarder who has an active account and active card in Kredit system has the possibility to operate his/her boarding account through web application WebKredit and mobile applications for Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone) MobilKredit. For more information see the leaflet.

Other customers

Other customers, outside MU, can have their meals at SKM MU in two ways:

  • In cash. Catering services accept Sodexo, Ticket Restaurant and Chèque Déjeuner meal tickets.
  • Through manually opened boarding accounts with a card which can be bought in the catering management office. This allows you to use the ordering system and operating the account through the application WebKredit.

Meal ordering

Persons with an active boarding account can use the system of pre-ordering meals. The lunch order must be carried out by 2.15 pm. 48 hours before by one of these means:

  • online application WebKredit,
  • mobile application MobilKredit,
  • snimac-tydenni scanner with keyboard (week's reader) - it is possible to order meals for a week in advance - instructions.
  • snimac-objednavaci quick scanners (reader) - order a specific meal for the next day by a mere application of the card - instructions.

Meal distribution


After ordering the meal, the meal is issued at a specific distribution point and at a specific time which is done by applying the card to the scanner without selecting a number. The system itself will recognize if the boarder has already ordered and will issue the order. If the boarder accidentally enters the number again and applies the card, the system will accept this as a new order.

In case that the boarders cannot pick up the order, for any reason, they can (e.g. through the application WebKredit ) offer the meal to the market. If another boarder takes the ordered meal out, it is passed to him or her.

The meals can be also bought without pre-ordering (freely) till the meals are sold out, through quick scanners (reader) or at cash desks.


Deposits on boarding and deposit accounts:

  • in cash at a cash desk of any MU catering service (we accept meal tickets)
  • by a transfer of finances from the SUPO system (one-time or automatic)


Withdrawals from boarding deposit accounts:

  • in cash up to the amount of 100 CZK at a cash desk of any catering service
  • over 100 CZK at the canteen operating manager (Vinařská, Moravské nám., Veveří, ACADEMIC restaurant) also in case of finishing the studies when the boarder's account in the boarding system is no longer active
  • by cashless payment by transfer from the diet system Kredit to SUPO

Rate our services

Through the app Canteen Rating within IS you may rate the selection and quality of meals and give us your feedback regarding other aspects of individual catering services.