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A new appearance of the sign-in page

19th May 2016

The sign-in page for:

- WebKredit

- PKS Aneta

and other Masaryk University services which require the UČO and secondary password for user identity verification will get a new look as of May 24th 2016.

There will be no changes to the function, the users' login information remains the same. To have a look at the older and the newer version of the website, see wiki.ics.muni.cz.

Ing. František Dočekal, head of UTS and IT

Extended Services in MU Canteens

4th January 2016

Dear ladies and gentlemen, employees and students,
On the occasion of launching the academic year, certain services have been extended:

- In the Na Lávce Café in Campus premises, the offer has been extended by sundaes and cocktails.

- In the ACADEMIC Restaurant meals for vegans and for students suffering from lactose intolerance are included in the offer. The ACADEMIC Restaurant specialises in gluten free meals and each of the canteens or snack bars offers meatless meals.

- You will regularly be informed about gastronomical events of international cuisines which take place in individual canteens each month.

- Menus in English presented in current menus section will be cancelled for you can click on the English flag and the current offer in English version will appear in WebKredit.

- Moreover, allergens included in meals will be labelled in accordance with numbers stated in the table which is in current menus section, including the key.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Ordering in ACADEMIC restaurant

4th January 2016

Since 21st July 2014, all the boarders have the possibility to order their lunches to have them in ACADEMIC Restaurant in Campus Square premises.

Orders can be placed through mobile phones via new application MobilKredit, in WebKredit, at presentation points or via scanners.

The lunch will be distributed by attaching the card to a newly installed scanner in ACADEMIC Restaurant at the distribution point. Distribution hours 10.00 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

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