Boarding for the public and organizations

Additional activities

SKM MU offers boarding for the public and canteen boarding for organizations in all of its boarding localities. More information about boarding localities (addresses, opening hours, contacts) and the current offer can be found in the section Boarding for students and employees or at the boarding officer.

There are two possibilities of paying for SKM services:

  • by way of cards that can be obtained for free in the boarding office and allow using the ordering system
  • by cash or by meal tickets Sodexo, Exit Group and Ticket restaurant


Ubytování IGNIS BRUNENSIS 20. – 23. 8. 2020

5th June 2020

Vážení hosté,
dovolte abychom Vám nabídli možnost ubytování v době konání IGNIS BRUNENSIS (20. – 23. 8. 2020) v B&B UNIVERSITY HOTEL BRNO.

Připravili jsme pro Vás exkluzivní ceny:

990,- Kč / dvoulůžkový pokoj / noc
2 400,- Kč / dvoulůžkový pokoj / 3noci

V případě zájmu prosím pište na:


Petr Heisler, Vedoucí hotelu

Start of service

19th May 2020

Esteemed staff, students and colleagues,

Following a decision by the director of SKM MU Mr Bc. Kamil Kulíšek,

I report to you that from 25.05. 2020 catering operations are ready to start their operation

of all university canteens and their centres. Due to the order system

we have prepared a new food ofer for you with the option of ordering already 14 days in advance.

We look forward to seeing you!!

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Eating in canteens of Masaryk University

12th March 2020

Since 16th March 2020, the order eating system is preferred, with no ready-to-order meals available. 

Short order dish (weekly offer) are available in a limited range according to the current offer without the need to order.

Orders can be made via the Credit 8 catering system see

Or via the MobilCredit app see

Financial creditworthiness (deposit of money) can be deposited in two ways, either in cash directly at cash registers of serving counters and cafeterias, or by transfer through the SUPO account see

At cash registers, the issued / paid food can be verified by re-loading the card.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

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