Boarding for the public and organizations

Additional activities

SKM MU offers boarding for the public and canteen boarding for organizations in all of its boarding localities. More information about boarding localities (addresses, opening hours, contacts) and the current offer can be found in the section Boarding for students and employees or at the boarding officer.

There are two possibilities of paying for SKM services:

  • by way of cards that can be obtained for free in the boarding office and allow using the ordering system
  • by cash or by meal tickets Sodexo, Exit Group and Ticket restaurant


Gastronomy event - professor Čapov

7th September 2017

Dear guests,

in September and October you will have the chance to taste the specialties made according to the Surgeon's Cookbook written by professor Ivan Čapov:

September 11th - 15th 2017 in Vinařská canteen and snack bar

September 18th - 22nd 2017 in Moravské náměstí academic canteen ad LF anad PřF snack bars

September 25th - 29th 207 in Veveří canteen and snack bar

October 2nd - 6th 2017 in the Academic restaurant and University Campus snack bars

We are looking forward to your visit and hope you enjoy the meals.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

Closure of AC and ESF snack bar

5th June 2017

Dear employees, students and guests,

due to the termination of the lease of the Academic canteen and ESF snack bar, both catering operations will be closed as of 30th June.

Roman Tancoš, Catering Services Manager

A new appearance of the sign-in page

19th May 2017

The sign-in page for:

- WebKredit

- PKS Aneta

and other Masaryk University services which require the UČO and secondary password for user identity verification will get a new look as of May 24th 2016.

There will be no changes to the function, the users' login information remains the same. To have a look at the older and the newer version of the website, see

Ing. František Dočekal, head of UTS and IT

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