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The wired connection is carried out through ethernet socket RJ45 in a room of the existing halls of residence, the provider of software equipment on residence routers is a company Computer System CZ s.r.o., that also provides administrative, technical, software and hotline support ofComputerresidence network(PKS).


Aneta who intend to use this type of connection must register for the service in PKS system at first Aneta (Active network tools for administrators):

enter Aneta

Prices for the Internet and for operating a PC or a notebook as an appliance are quoted in the appliances pricelist (for all halls of residence), services pricelist for CRA. The amount of money is automatically deducted together with the accommodation fee payment (through the ISKaM and SUPO systems) after the registration for the service in the system Aneta.

Hotel guests

who would like to use a connection of this type are kindly asked to require the Internet registration code at the relevant reception desk. To get connected it is necessary to enter the registration code into Aneta system on their computers in their rooms.

enter Aneta
hotel guests

Where to get connected

The list of net covered rooms (valid as of 22nd August, 2012)

Halls of residence number
of rooms
of active
number of active
ports in a room
Klácelova Halls of Residence 100 313 is in accordance with the number of beds
Komárov - bří. Žůrků
(Halls of Residence and Hotel)
203 418 2
Komárov Halls of Residence - Sladkého 374 432 is in accordance with the number of beds
Komárov Halls of Residence - Lomená 97 179 is in accordance with the number of beds
(Halls of Residence and Hotel)
291 580 is in accordance with the number of beds
Mánesova 170 346 is in accordance with the number of beds, neverthless max. is 3
nám. Míru 64 247 is in accordance with the number of beds, neverthless max. is 4
(Halls of Residence and Garni Hotel)
601 1188 2
CRA 70 138 1+kk 2 porty (vyjma 213, 214, 228, 229 1 port)
3+kk 3 porty
Total 1970 3843
As of the stated date, 93 % of the rooms of the overall capacity of MU halls are covered.

Network parameters

The backbone among individual halls of residence is provided by optical distribution of university network administered by The Institute of Computer Science. Backbone distribution within individual halls is operated either through STP cables (CAT6) or optical fiber pairs (SM/MM) terminating in routers (Linux)on one side and by active components (ALCATEL) on the other one. From there, individual tracks are distributed to rooms by FTP (CAT5e) cables and terminated by a socket with one / two RJ-45 connectors, or more sockets. University network is designed, in general, to 1 Gbit (CISCO technology),100Mbit - 1 Gbit within individual halls. Distribution between a socket in a room and the first active component (so called Last Mile) has maximum transfer rate 100Mbit at each hall.

How to get connected


Information needed for getting connected on web link:

Detailed instructions for getting connected to PKS Aneta:

in Czech

in English


Restrictions on the net

The network can be used providing the following university rules are being respected :

For computers accessing the Internet via routers with system Aneta see the following:

Data transfer limit

Data transfers are divided into transfers within the MU university network muni.cz (PCs with IP 147.251.xxx.xxx) and transfers outside this network. Within the university network, there is no data transfer limit. For communication outside the university network applies the following:
Data transfer (in and out) must not exceed the limit of 15 GB per 1 day between 0:00 - 23:59 (+/- 5 minutes). Source for limit checking is the packet transfer of respective IP addresses related to MAC addresses of the LAN card of the user. Transfer statistics available on webpages Aneta are generated approx. every hour. If the limit is exceeded, the speed to the Internet outside the university network is decreased to 1 Mbps for the rest of the day + 3 following days.

Handeling with IP or MAC (HW) addresses

If there occurs a manupulation, by the user, with IP address or MAC address, a theft of other user's IP or MAC address, it will be evaluated in accordance with MU directive No. 6/2011 The Directive on Using Computer Network of Masaryk University and its Administration article No.5/1,4 and dealt with also in accordance with directive article No. 9/1,2 „the administrator of the domain has the right to cancell the access to the computer network to user who has broken the estabilishment of the directive which is possible for the period of a month at maximum and„violating of this directive will be considered as a disciplinary offence.

Overview table of applied blockings

no. event number
of days
the network access
1 data transfer limit (15 GB / 24 h.) 3 ano 1 Mbps
2 breach of the copyright 5 ano ne
3 breach of the network safety regulations 7 ne ne
4 other exceptional event up to 30 ne ne

Blocking of incoming communication and SMB

Rack Mánesova

The entire Communication of computers connected to Student Residence Network (PKS) goes through the main router of the respective hall, which also functions as a firewall to the related university network. Outcoming ports, i.e. outgoing communication from a PC within PKS to the Internet (and university network) is accepted, except from communication using RPC, SMBFS and SMTP (ports 135, 137-139, 445 and 25), which is blocked. Therefore it is possible to use services related to the network without limits (e.g. WWW, POP3, IMAP, ICQ, FTP, SSH, Skype etc., except from sharing the Windows system).

As for the incoming communication from the Internet (and university network) to PCs connected to PKS, the incoming ports are implicitly banned for security reasons (except from communication within one subnet and ICMP packets). The user can allow the ports by an application for allowing the ports. The application is available after login Aneta. Allowed ports can be deactivated again if not used.

Communication through FTP protocol within the PKS network should be set to the passive mode. Most FTP clients support this function (e.g. FileZilla, Total Commander...).


Should you have any problems or questions please contact:

Service e-mail



Computer System CZ Hotline: +420 581 030 939

Lokální správce

Na jednotlivých kolejích buďto e-mailem nebo osobně - informace pro osobní kontakt naleznete vyvěšeny na recepcích jednotlivých kolejí.

IT SKM administration

Should you have other general questions about PKS(Student Internet Network) NOT concerning connection problems, you can contact directly IT SKM administration:

e-mail: sks(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz

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