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Print and copy services




In certain buildings of MU Accommodation and Catering services,there are printing and copy services available for MU students through printing devices whose provider and administrator is Institute of Computer Science.

Using of the services is charged through system SUPO in accordance with the current pricelist.

Where are available

Vinařská Halls of Residence

At Vinařská Halls of Residence in MU University computer study at A2 block, there is Ricoh Aficio MP 2000 device located. The device allows printing and copying only in black on A4 and A3 size papers.

Kounicova and Komárov bří Žůrků Halls of Residence

At Kounicova Halls of Residence and Komárov bří Žůrků Halls of Residence, there is Ricoh Aficio MP C3000 device located. The device allows printing and copying in black as well as in colours on A4 and A3 size papers.

How to use

Using of printing and copy services is available only for persons who have activated SUPO. Recharging of finances is possible eg. in bankovník(recharging point).


The user authenticates himself to the copy machine by applying his/her active university card to the device reader. Afterwards, follow the instructions on the display.


To be able to print out documents from your computer on all the printers, is possible only after having installed actuator SafeQ for:

  • Windows (all version)
    • archives to open and launch file printersSKM.cmd, the printer will be installed „TISK SKM“
    • it is necessary to restart the computer after having installed the actuator

  • Linux
    • Instructions in pdf in archives
    • IP server address:
    • the name of the front: bar_only

  • Mac OS X
    • Instructions in pdf in archives

After having sending the printing order, you will be asked to authenticate SafeQ service, insert your UČO and secondary password. In case you do not have the secondary password make it.

To operate the list of your orders prepared to be printed out, is possible on the address:

After having signed in insert UČO and secondary password.

After having sent the printing order to the server, it is necessary to come to any printer and authenticate yourself by your card. Afterwards, select„print“. The printer will print out your printing order. The print can be printed out not only on printers at Halls of residence but also on other CPS printers.


Should there be and problems with priting or copying, contact the operators of:

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