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Applications for the dormitory accommodation

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Applications for the dormitory accommodation

  1. How and when can I apply for dormitory accommodation?

    Only through IS MU in terms set by the relevant schedule.http://www.skm.muni.cz/ubytovani.php?akce=413&lang=czOnly active present studies students can apply for the dormitory accommodation - students of the 1st year can apply no sooner than having enrolled for studies.

  2. After compiling of the waiting list,I am going to stop out /change/ my current studies and to continue studying at different faculty/in different field in autumn. Shall I apply for the accommodation in spring as a current student or in summer with the first year students?

    Submit the application for dormitory accommodation while currently studying. Stopping out/changing of studies after the waiting list has been compiled has no influence on allocating the accommodation. You cannot be listed into the 1st year waiting list because you have already studied at MU. Moreover, current students staying at the dormitory have an advantageous position within the waiting list.

Waiting list

  1. Where can I find the results of final waiting list?

    On the web SKM in this section „ Accommodation / For Students / My Accommodation“ or at the address https://iskam.skm.muni.

  2. The state of my application after compiling the waiting list is not decided, what does it mean?

    State of application not decided = the halls of residence were not assigned. You have either not enough points, point limit for individual waiting lists can be found in section current information, or you were not allowed to be listed in the relevant housing list. Certain waiting lists are only for newly incoming students of the first grades - viz Schedules of relevant ac. years. Newly incoming student of the first grade = student studying in Brno for the first time.

  3. I have been allocated complety different halls of residence than I have asked for. Why, what shall I do?

    Provided there are no free beds because of the capacity of prefered or alternative halls of residence, nevertheless you have enough points needed for assigning halls of residence, the system allocates you the halls of residence where the free beds are. The point limit can be much higher for certain mostly prefered halls of residence. E.g. there are only 72 beds at Veveří halls of residence, that's why even students who have asked for them as for their prefered halls are not allocated a bed there, thus it is useless to ask for them as for alternative halls. The same applies to Kounicova halls of residence.

    Provided you are allocated different halls of residence, there are several possibilities: you can find somebody who wants to exchange his halls for yours (e.g. on IS MU notice board), then you both send an e-mail to koleje(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz with application for exchange and the exchange will be confirmed. This can also be done before taking up the halls. Another possibility is to carry out the exchange during the academic you - this can be done each first working day in the month - viz Instructions for exchanging beds. Or you can try to write an e-mail after the end of pre-accommodation period before setting up another housing list and find out whether there are given up beds at demanded halls of residence.

  4. When and where can I correct my personal data or claim the right commuting time?

    Personal data can be corrected either in IS-MU or through your Studies Department. You cannot do so through SKM. Commuting time is administered by SKM. Please, send your comments by e-mail to koleje(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz. To claim the right commuting time is only possible until the housing list is compiled. Later claiming can be taken into consideration in the next waiting list.

  5. How can I make a claim to be given priority in Hall accommodation because of a my medical condition?

    Students who are medically disabled in accordance with para.67, art.2, letter a), law no. 435/2004 Coll., about employment and students who were recognized disabled at the first or second level in accordance with para.67, art.2, letter b), law no. 435/2004 Coll., about employment and students who have ZTP card or ZTP/P card(card of exceptional advantages)in accordance with law no. 100/1988 Coll., about social security get the halls without regard to commuting time - it is necessary to substaintiate you medical condition with documents at the Studies Department of relevant faculty.

    Student who is medically disadvantaged in accordance with para. 67, art.2, letter c) law no. 435/2004 Coll., about employment gets 100 points as soon as he submits the certificate at the Studies Department.

  6. I am from Slovakia. How can I apply for Children benefits?

    The procedure is the same as when talking about Czech students. To apply for Children benefits the certificate confirming drawing of the Children benefits must be submited.

  7. Where can I appeal against not being allocated a place in the halls of residence?

    You can do so only in writing (not by e-mail)to the vice-rector for student welfare and financial affairs:

    Masarykova univerzita
    doc. PhDr. Jiří Němec, Ph.D
    vice-rector for student welfare
    Žerotínovo nám. 9, 601 77 Brno

    Note: There is no legal claim to Hall accommodation, and your appeal will be understood as such.

  8. What commuting time from the place of permanent residence is considered eligible for dormitory accomodation?

    Principles of the waiting list:

    Points achieved = commuting time in minutes + criteria points + other current criteria points.

    The list is set up in descending order. The first x application forms form the overall number of vacant beds which is the dormitory going to get.

  9. What means of travel are taken into consideration?

    Considered means of transport are buses and trains from X to Brno from 6-9 a.m., on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These are then counted in average.

  10. I would like to know whether a couple, girlfriend  / boyfriend, can share a double room at the halls of residence. If this is possible what should be my futher actions, how shall I fill in the form?

    It is possible to be accomodated in a couple under the following conditions

    • both of a couple are university students and at least one of them is a student of MU
    • at least one in the couple must be given the right for accomodation based on the waiting list
    • the accomodation is possible only in separate double rooms (Mánesova, Vinářská)
    • the application form for accomodation in a couple can be found on the web, in section „accomodation/for students/academic year/Other documents/Aplication form for accomodation in a couple


  1. I have been allocated a dormitory accommodation at Kounicova/Vinařská and I would like to have a 4-bed flat. Nevertheless, these types of rooms are not being offered, why?

    At either Kounicova and Vinařská dormitories, there are mainly 2-bed rooms. There is a very limited number of 4-bed rooms (Kounicova 7, Vinařská 30)and the call for them is usually so big that they are taken very quickly.

  2. I'm leaving for Erasmus in summer. Can I make the contract for a period shorter than one year?

    The date of starting the accommoation when pre-accommodating can be chosen only from certain dates fixed for this purpose.(14th September or 15th September), the date of termination of the contract can be set arbitrarily, at min. till 31st October 2013, at max. till 30th June 2014. Accommocation contract can be prolonged at the latest a month before the intended termination.

Payments / SUPO

  1. What is the account number of Masaryk University?

    All the details concerning accommodation payment can be found in Directions for paying the deposit and accommodation payment - viz information concerning current academic year

  2. What data do I need to be able to make a payment from abroad?

    Information concerning payment from abroad cand be found at address: https://inet.muni.cz/app/supo/info?zalozky=platby

  3. I have booked a bed for the following year at the halls of residence and I have sent a certain ammount of money for paying of the booking deposit on SUPO account. Still, the deposit appears not to be payed for when looking at the SUPO account statement. Is there anything else that should be done?

    No, there isn't. The settlement of the desopit is accomplished automatically from the balance of SUPO account not sooner than on the due date.

  4. I do not understand how SUPO works, SUPO statement.

    FAQ concerning SUPO www.muni.cz/services/supo/faq

Starting the accommodation

  1. I have been assigned the dormitory but I do not want to be lodged because I am going to stay at different place or I am not going to study at MU.

    Allocated bed can be cancelled by sending an e-mail including an application for canceling the booking, e-mail address: koleje(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz. Privided the application is delivered in the set term (for 2013/14 it is 31st August), the booking deposit will be returned to SUPO. After the set tem the deposit runs out.

  2. Could I take up the dormitory on 25th September 2013 even though my contract is from 14th September 2013? I will be on my way back from foreign scholarship and I cannot take up the halls sooner than on the stated date.

    For student who has properly made the accommodation contract and has paid the reservation deposit is the bed booked to 22nd September 2013. At halls with no permanent reception service (Tvrdého, nám. Míru, Komárov - Lomená and Veveří) it is possible to take up the accommodation only during working days from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. - it does not concern 14th and 15th September „Main date of starting the accommodation“. When taking up the halls later then on 22nd September, it is necessary to ask for prolonging of the reservation by e-mail sent to address: koleje(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz with stating the date of taking up the halls. If you make a reservation, the accommodation fee is paid from the day of starting the accommodatin in accordance with the contract, that is 14th September or 15th September

  3. Can I have a look at the room I reserved before starting the accommodation? Can the room be possibly changed if I don't like it? Can I cancel the dormitory accommodation after having lodged if I don't like it?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible because of the operating and organization reasons. It is necessary to check in more than 3,000 students within 2 days. If you find out about any problem, defect or flaw, please, do solve it immediately with the accommodation provider/receptionist of the relevant dormitory. When you come to the accommodation provider on the very same day as you checked it is possible to cancel the contract (nevertheless, you will lose the booking deposit), the contract cannot be cancelled later and it is necessary to act pursuant to the Article 2, par.3 of the Accommodation Contract (pattern of the contract can be found on the web). Provided you find the allocated bed inconvenient for any reason it is possible, within the limits of the dormitory, to negotiate an exchange.

Terminating the accommodation

  1. How does it work wheh I want to leave the halls of residence earlier than the accommodation contract finishes?

    The accommodation contract can be cancelled prematurely in accordance with article II paragraph 3 of the Accommodation Contract as of the last day of the month by paying the compensation at the amount of a month's accommodation fee (it will be paid from the accommodation surety). The contract termination is to be submited to an accommodation provider of the relevant halls of residence.The facts stated above are valid without reference to the reason for termination of the contract , which means it is valid also in the event of termination of studies, either voluntary or involuntary.

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