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Dormitory fee and accommodation deposit payment

The dormitory fee is to be paid in advance in the relevant month in accordance with the SUPO Timetable (however, the money should be on SUPO on 10th day of the month).

For students who checked in at the dormitory within 13th – 19th September, there is only one due date off the timetable 24th September.

When you check in during the month, the dormitory fee is due on 10th day from the check-in. Within the first month, apart from the dormitory fee there is also the accommodation deposit to be paid. The accommodation deposit is a deposit on the last month according to the accommodation contract. The accommodation deposit will be automatically accounted in the last month of your stay.

Further information concerning payments – how to pay, can be found in Deposit and Dormitory Fee Payment Instructions.

Provided you check in later than on the date which is in the contract, whether in term till 21st September or later on the basis of the reservation, you will be charged a compensation for your late check-in instead of the dormitory fee (for the relevant number of days).

Jana Hradilová, head of SKM MU accommodation

Bed booking

Would you like to get the dormitory accommodation in additional proceedings, possibly to move? Currently vacant beds can be found here.

Provided you are interested in a vacant bed, please write an application for a vacant bed from your university e-mail at  koleje@skm.muni.cz stating the dormitory you would like to stay in and the date you would like to check in. It is necessary to check in at the dormitory within 2 days from the dormitory allocation. The minimal length of the accommodation is till 31st October 2014.

Any exchanges are to be made always on 1st working day of a month. Instructions for exchanges can be found here. Exchanges on vacant beds will not be confirmed until 29th-30th September, your applications are not to be sent earlier than after 25th September. Students who are not staying in the dormitory yet will be given reservation preference.

Jana Hradilová, head of UP SKM MU

Notification for foreign students – Ebola

Notification for foreign students upon coming from areas stricken by fevers caused by the EBOLA virus

The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic informs students travelling from countries affected by the occurrence of Ebola about the ways of transmission and what to do when coming from a high-risk area.

R. Melcherová, Assistant of director

Confirmation of providing the accommodation

Note for foreign students:  „Confirmation of providing the accommodation“ either for the purpose of granting a visa or prolonging it is to be written out only on the basis of a written application sent by e-mail at: koleje@skm.muni.cz  at least 2 working days before your visit at OAMP or the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country.  We send the confirmation by data box to relevant authorities only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!!!!!!!!

Thus, ask for your confirmation in time!!!!!

Lucie Wagnerová, ubytovací provoz SKM

Important Notice - fire drill

Information concerning the fire drill at the Vinařská Dormitory.
Accommodation Management SKM MU

Dormitory check-in

Dormitory check-in is to be done within the following days 13th September 2014  12.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.  and 14th September 2014  8.00 a.m. -6.00 p.m.

  • When checking in, students are obligated to present their ID cards or passports, ISIC card, 2 copies of printed and signed Accommodation Contract

  • 1st grade students who do not have their ISIC cards yet can present them subsequently within the following week.

  • Providing the check-in days do not suit you and you have paid the reservation deposit, your bed will be reserved till 21st September 2014, including. At dormitories without a permanent reception service - Tvrdého, nám.Míru, Lomená and Veveří, it is possible to check in (apart from the days set for the check-in) only on workdays from 8.00   a.m. to 3.00 p.m. . The dormitory fee is to be paid from the set check-in day (the date of the check-in in accordance with the Accommodation Contract)

  • Providing you have not paid the reservation deposit (your bed was booked in the nick of time after 5th September), you have to check in within days 13th and 14th September

  • if you do not check-in until 21st September or ask for prolonging of the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled and the reservation deposit will be forfeited.

  • Students staying at MU Dormitories within the holiday accommodation can move to the allocated dormitory already on 12th September 12.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m

  • NOTICE: There is no accommodation provider at some dormitories. The accommodation provider for the Veveří Dormitory is in Kounicova 50, the accommodation provider for the Klácelova Dormitory is in nám. Míru 4 and the accommodation provider  for the Lomená Dormitory is in bří. Žůrků 5. During the days of checking in i.e. 13th – 14th September 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m., there will be an extraordinary reception service thus it is possible to check in directly there. From 14th September 6.00 p.m., it is necessary to hand the Accommodation Contract in and to pick up the keys of the bří. Žůrků Dormitory. The students who have reserved their beds in the Klácelova Dormitory are to come to the accommodation provider at the nám. Míru Dormitory, the students who have reserved their beds in the Veveří Dormitory are to come to the Kounicova 50 Dormitory.

    All the information concerning the accommodation in academic year 2014/15 can be found here.

Jana Hradilová, vedoucí UP SKM MU

Campus Residential Area

All the flats in CRA for academic year 2014/15 have already been taken.
Accommodation Management SKM MU

Municipal waste disposal fee in 2013

From this year on, the obligation to pay the waste disposal fee applies newly also to all the foreigners staying in the area of Brno for more than 90 days. This local fee does not relate in any way to the payment for the accommodation. SKM has no futher information concerning the waste disposal fee. All the information can be found or requested for on the web of Brno Municipal Government (Magistrát města Brna). FAQ on the Brno Municipal Governemt web.

Jana Hradilová, head of housing service
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