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Occupied Dormitories

Please note that the majority of the dormitories has been taken, there are only a few availabe beds left.

It is highly probable that some of the beds will get available during the reservation period (students either cancel their reservations or do not pay the deposit), then again it will be possible to book a bed or to change the original reservation.

The capacity of beds for the autumn term is unfortunatelly significantly limited due to the reconstruction and closure of bulding A1 at Vinařská Dormitory till 31st December 2014.

For up-to-date information check this website.
Jana Hradilová, vedoucí ubytovacího provozu

Booking of beds for academic year 2014/2015

The booking of beds at MU Dormitories for the 1st grade students as well as for the students of higher grades for academic year 2014/2015 will be commenced on 28th July at 9 a.m. Since several essential changes have been made, please, pay your close attention to the instructions, which are posted on ISKAM web. Some of the most important information is stated below:

  • Students do not apply for a bed at the dormitory, there is no waiting list, a bed is to be booked directly in ISKAM application by the students themselves
  • A bed can be booked by any MU student enrolled in studies at any MU Dormitory where the beds are available
  • Reservation of a mixed room (woman/man) can be made only via the accommodation provider of the relevant dormitory until the maximum capacity is reached
  • The beds at individual dormitories will be available only until the maximum capacity is reached.
  • The reservation can be edited until the contract is confirmed – i.e. to change the date of the check-in (Saturday 13th September or Sunday 14th September) and the termination of the accommodation (minimal length of stay is to 31st October, maximal length is to 30th June 2015, you can choose any date from this interval of time). It is also possible to edit the booked dormitory and that is why it is necessary to pay your close attention whether you edit only the date or also the dormitory – see the instructions.
  • Provided you wanted to change the reservation after having confirmed the contract, it is necessary to cancel the contract confirmation in ISKAM application- Accommodation Overview at first. After having made the change, confirm the contract again. 
  • Reservation as well as any other change must be confirmed
  • Reservation deposit is 1000,- CZK, it is to be paid through SUPO and it is due within 10 days from the accomplishment of the reservation, the Accommodation Contract is to be confirmed within this interval of time as well, subsequent changes do not have any effect on the due date.
  • For further information concerning the deposit and the dormitory fee payment see the  Deposit and Dormitory Fee Payment Directions.
  • Provided the reservation deposit is not paid in time and the Accommodation Contract is not confirmed, your reservation will be cancelled.
  • The Accommodation Contract is concluded for the determinate period with a possibility to untimely terminate the contract with a 2-month notice period.
  • Reservations can be made until the full accommodation capacity is reached or at the latest till 10th September
  •  Further reservations will be possible only via the accommodation provider of the relevant dormitory
  • When cancelling the reservation, it is not sufficient only to cancel the signature of the contract, it is necessary to submit the application for cancelling of the reservation at koleje@skm.muni.cz at the latest till 31st August 2014
  • For further information and dates see the Timetable 


Jana Hradilová, head of housing service

Statement of the fire update

Fire information update from 15.5.
Ubytovací provoz SKM MU

Accommodation rules for the academic year 2014/15

Dear students, we would like to inform you about the new accommodation rules for the academic year 2014/15
Since radical changes in the system concerning allocation of the dormitory have been made, we would like to ask you to pay close attention to the following information:

  1. Applications for the dormitory are not to be submitted in IS MU
    All the process will be easier, faster and more flexible – the applications will not be submitted  in IS MU, the bed can be booked directly in ISKAMu – like when applying for the summer accommodation
  2. No waiting list will be drawn up, there are no criteria for allocating the dormitoryThere are no criteria, no points, no waiting list. It does not matter whether you live in Košice or in Olomouc, what your percentil is, everybody has got the same chances. You do not have to wait for the waiting list to know whether and what dormitory you will get, you can check where the free beds are and book them straight away. The earlier the reservation, the bigger the offer of vacant beds.
  3. The schedule with particular dates will be posted during the month of March  From April, it will be possible to book beds for the academic year 2014/15. The schedule with particular terms of reservations will be posted on www.skm.muni.cz during March. The reservations will be divided into several stages as it was last year, thus the students currently staying at the dormitory will be enabled to stay in their rooms also in future. Students currently staying at the dormitory who want to stay in the same room will be the first ones to book the beds. Students who are currently staying at the dormitory and want to apply for different room will be allowed to book their beds within the second stage. During the last stage, any applicant from MU students will be allowed to book a bed. After the reservation it is necessary to confirm the contract and pay the booking deposit, that is the same as it used to be. 
Jana Hradilová, head of housing service

Municipal waste disposal fee in 2013

From this year on, the obligation to pay the waste disposal fee applies newly also to all the foreigners staying in the area of Brno for more than 90 days. This local fee does not relate in any way to the payment for the accommodation. SKM has no futher information concerning the waste disposal fee. All the information can be found or requested for on the web of Brno Municipal Government (Magistrát města Brna). FAQ on the Brno Municipal Governemt web.

Jana Hradilová, head of housing service
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