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Dormitory Council Elections for the Academic Year

The director of Masaryk University Accommodation & Catering Services (SKM MU), Ing. Zdeněk Čížek, calls the Dormitory Council elections for the academic year 2015/2015 (according to the 4/2014 Accommodation Directive and the Election and Procedural Rules for Accommodated Students‘ Representatives). These elections will be held during 19-25th October through the e-elections (e-volby) application. The Dormitory Council elections are organized by the current Dormitory Council whose members can be found at: http://www.skm.muni.cz/ubytovani.php?akce=415&lang=en. Please let them know if you want to run for an accommodated students’ representative.

Wherever there is no member of the dormitory council staying at the given dormitory, the election is organized by the Head of Residence of SKM MU. This concerns the Sladkého, Lomená,Vinařská A1, Vinařská A2  dormitories. For these dormitories, please send your candidature to hradilova@skm.muni.cz by October 15th 2015.

Jana Hradilová, head of housing service

Confirmation of providing the accommodation

Note for foreign students:  „Confirmation of providing the accommodation“ either for the purpose of granting a visa or prolonging it is to be written out only on the basis of a written application sent by e-mail at: koleje@skm.muni.cz  at least 2 working days before your visit at OAMP or the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country.  We send the confirmation by data box to relevant authorities only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!!!!!!!!

Thus, ask for your confirmation in time!!!!!

Lucie Wagnerová, ubytovací provoz SKM

Settlement of the deposit and dormitory fee

The dormitory fee is to be paid in advance in the relevant month in accordance with the SUPO timetable (nevertheless, the money should be credited to the SUPO account on 10th day of the month).
For the check-ins from 19th to 20th September there is only one due date off the timetable 28th September 2015.
When checking in throughout the month, the dormitory fee is due to 10th day from the check-in. In addition to the dormitory fee, the accommodation deposit is to be paid too in the first month. The accommodation deposit is a cash advance for the last month according to the accommodation contract (the deposit will be automatically credited with the last month of the accommodation). Further payment information - how to pay, can be found in Settlement of the deposit and dormitory fee instructions.
Thus in September you are to pay the adequate amount of money for a part of September + the accommodation deposit minus the reservation deposit. If you have a direct debit, it is necessary to set a sufficient limit.
Provided that you check in later than on the date stated in the contract, no matter whether within 27th September or later on the basis of the reservation, a compensation for the late check-in will be charged to you, not the dormitory fee. 

Jana Hradilová, head of UP SKM MU

Dormitory check-in days


Check-in days for the dormitory accommodation are 19th September 2015 12:00 midday – 6 p.m. and 20th September 8.00 a.m. - 6 p.m.

When checking in you will be asked to present your identity card or passport, ISIC card and 2 printed copies of the accommodation contract

The students of the 1st grades who have not got their ISIC card yet can present it subsequently in the following week. You will be given a substitutional card in the dormitories where it is needed to enter the building

Providing the date of the check-in does not suit you and your reservation deposit has been paid your bed will be booked for you till 27th September 2015 incl.. At the dormitories without a 24-hour reception service Tvrdého, nám. Míru, Lomená a Veveří the check-in is possible (in addition to the set check-in dates) only on work days 8 a.m. - 3. p.m. The dormitory fee is to be paid from the set check-in date (in accordance with the accommodation contract).

If your reservation deposit has not been paid, you have to check-in only on 19th – 20th September 2015

If you do not check in till 27th September 2015, possibly if you do not ask for the prolonging of the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled and you will forfeit the reservation deposit.

The students staying at MU dormitories within the holiday accommodation can move to their allocated dormitory already on 18th September 2015 12.00 midday – 4 p.m.

NOTICE: There are no accommodation providers at some dormitories. The accommodation provider for the Veveři dormitory is in Kounicova 50, the accommodation provider for the Klácelova dormitory is in nám. Míru 4 and the accommodation provider for the Sladkého and Lomená dormitory is in bří Žůrků 5.

On the days of check-in, 19th – 20th September 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. at the Lomená dormitory there is an auxiliary reception service and thus it is possible to check in right there. The students who have booked their beds in the Klácelova dormitory are to come to the accommodation provider to the nám. Míru dormitory, the students who have booked their beds at the Veveří dormitory are to come to the Kounicova 50 dormitory.

All the information concerning the accommodation in the academic year 2015/2016 can be found here.



Booking of beds for the academic year 2015/16

Reservations of accommodation for the academic year 2015/16 will be commenced on July 30th at 9 a.m. in ISKAM application. A bed can be booked by the 1st grade students as well as by current MU students. Students of the 1st grade cannot book their bed until they enrol for their studies (it cannot be booked sooner!) All the important information can be found in section Important documents - TimetableInstructions for the dormitory fee and deposit payment, pricelists, etc. Read also Instructions how to book a bedpossibly the Bulletin for the 1st grade students. Providing there are no free beds available at certain dormitory, the capacity has been filled. The reservation can be adjusted - it is possible to change the date of check-in (September 19th or 20th) and the date of termination (min. length of the accommodation is till October 31st 2015). It is also possible to change the dormitory and that is why you can, in case of full capacity, book a bed at different dormitory than you initially wanted and you can try to adjust the reservation later. Somebody might cancel their reservation or they might not pay the deposit and the bed will be vacated. Before editing the reservation, it is necessary to cancel the signature on the contract and then confirm the contract again. Reservations can be mutually exchanged as well – both the participants are obliged to write an application for a mutual exchange and sent to koleje@skm.muni.cz. The reservation can be mutually exchanged – not yielded up!

The reservation deposit must be paid within 10 days from the day of reservation (the sum of money has to be on the MU account on the 10th day, it is too late to send a request for payment on the 10th day), otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

The reservation deposit will be paid automatically on the due date from the disposable SUPO account balance. 

Jana Hradilová, the head of UP SKM MU

Payment from abroad

Information needed for the payment of the reservation deposit and dormitory fee from abroad (IBAN, Swift) can be found here.
SKM MU Accommodation management

CRA Reservations

CRA reservations for the academic year 2015/2016 have been blocked until further notice for full capacity reasons.
Lucie Wagnerová, SKM accommodation management

Holiday accommodation

During the holidays, the following dormitories will be open: Vinařská Dormitory - only A1 building (section B), Kounicova, Tvrdého and Komárov - bří.Žůrků Dormitory. The accommodation can be booked in writing (via e-mail) at the accommodation provider of the relevant dormitory. Holiday accommodation cannot last longer than till 18th September. On that day it is possible to move into the dormitories where you booked your accommodation for the academic year. 
Further information and the pricelist can be found in Instructions for holiday accommodation.


Jana Hradilová, the head of UP SKM MU

Information concerning accommodation in 2015/16

Rules and Timetable for accommodation at MU Dormitories in academic year 2015/16 are posted in section Important Documents. Compared with last year, there are no essential changes. Please, note the terms for the initiation of reservations.

Students of higher grades can book their beds from 13th April to 24th May 2015.

Within the first week, only current beds can be booked by currently accommodated students. From 20th April, any bed can be booked by currently accommodated students, from 27th April any bed can be booked by any MU student.

Students commencing their 1st grade can book their bed no sooner than after having been enrolled at the university, reservations will be initiated on 30th July 2015.

Holiday accommodation directions will be posted at the end of April.

Jana Hradilová, head of SKM MU accommodation

Important Notice - fire drill

Information concerning the fire drill at the Vinařská Dormitory.
Accommodation Management SKM MU
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