Hotel-SKM wireless connection


The Hotel-SKM WiFi is intended for clients who cannot use the WiFi eduroam academic network

Where to get connected

  • bří Žůrků hotel and halls of residence
  • Klácelova halls of residence
  • Kounicova hotel and halls of residence
  • Mánesova halls of residence
  • Nám. Míru halls of residence
  • Sladkého halls of residence
  • Tvrdého halls of residence
  • Veveří halls of residence
  • Vinařská hotel and halls of residence
  • Vinařská canteen and assembly hall
  • UC Šlapanice
  • Čejkova UNI hotel
  • Grohova UNI hotel

How to get connected

Request your login information at the reception

You will receive login information at the reception.

Find the Hotel-SKM WiFi on your device and connect to the network.

Accessing Hotel-SKM WiFi on Android devices. Accessing Hotel-SKM WiFi using Windows 10.

Log into the network . If the login window does not appear, open your web browser and enter the page:

Entering login information on Android devices. Entering login information on devices using Windows 10.

Enter your login information.

Provided services

Email server - university smtp server:

Contact information

If you encounter any problems or would like more information, contact the reception. Problems will be addressed by the local eduroam administrator. Personal contact information can be found on a notice board near the reception at individual halls of residence.

Technical and Information Technologies Division

Should you have other general questions NOT concerning connection problems, you can contact the Technical and Information Technologies Division directly:

e-mail: sks(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz