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Confirmation of providing the accommodation

15th September 2017

Note for foreign students:  „Confirmation of providing the accommodation“ either for the purpose of granting a visa or prolonging it is to be written out only on the basis of a written application sent by e-mail at:  at least one week before your visit at OAMP or the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country.  We send the confirmation by data box to relevant authorities only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!!!!!!!!

Thus, ask for your confirmation in time!!!!!

Lucie Wagnerová, ubytovací provoz SKM

Exchange of beds at the halls of residence

14th September 2017

Beds can be exchanged on the first working day of each month. For more information please see the notice regarding the exchange of beds.

An exchange of beds for October 2nd, 2017 can be requested on September 27 at the earliest.

Jana Hradilová, Head of Residence Management SKM MU

Settlement of the deposit and dormitory fee

7th September 2017

The dormitory fee is to be paid in advance in the relevant month in accordance with the SUPO timetable (nevertheless, the money should be credited to the SUPO account on 10th day of the month).
For the check-ins from 16th to 17th September there is only one due date off the timetable 27th September.
When checking in throughout the month, the dormitory fee is due to 10th day from the check-in. In addition to the dormitory fee, the accommodation deposit is to be paid too in the first month. The accommodation deposit is a cash advance for the last month according to the accommodation contract (the deposit will be automatically credited with the last month of the accommodation). Further payment information - how to pay, can be found in Settlement of the deposit and dormitory fee instructions.
Thus in September you are to pay the adequate amount of money for a part of September + the accommodation deposit minus the reservation deposit. If you have a direct debit, it is necessary to set a sufficient limit.

Provided that you check in later than on the date stated in the contract, no matter whether within 25th September or later on the basis of the reservation, a compensation for the late check-in will be charged to you, not the dormitory fee. 

Jana Hradilová, accommodation manager

Dormitory check-in days

6th September 2017

Main check-in days for the dormitory accommodation are 16th September and 19th September 8.00 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Students with the earlier booking are accommodated by the date specified in the contract.
When checking in you will be asked to present your identity card or passport, ISIC card and 2 printed copies of the accommodation contract

The students of the 1st grades who have not got their ISIC card yet can present it subsequently in the following week. You will be given a substitutional card in the dormitories where it is needed to enter the building

Providing the date of the check-in does not suit you and your reservation deposit has been paid your bed will be booked for you till 24th September incl. At the dormitories without a 24-hour reception service Tvrdého, nám. Míru, Lomená a Veveří the check-in is possible (in addition to the set check-in dates) only on work days 8 a.m. - 3. p.m. The dormitory fee is to be paid from the set check-in date (in accordance with the accommodation contract).

If your reservation deposit has not been paid, you have to check-in only on 16th – 19th September.

If you do not check in in under the deadline, possibly if you do not ask for the prolonging of the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled and you will forfeit the reservation deposit.

The students staying at MU dormitories within the holiday accommodation can move to their allocated dormitory already from 1st September.

NOTICE: There are no accommodation providers at some dormitories. The accommodation provider for the Veveři dormitory is in Kounicova 50, the accommodation provider for the Klácelova dormitory is in nám. Míru 4 and the accommodation provider for the Sladkého and Lomená dormitory is in bří Žůrků 5.

On the days of check-in, 16th – 17th September 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. at the Lomená dormitory there is an auxiliary reception service and thus it is possible to check in right there. The students who have booked their beds in the Klácelova dormitory are to come to the accommodation provider to the nám. Míru dormitory, the students who have booked their beds at the Veveří dormitory are to come to the Kounicova 50 dormitory.

All important documents concerning the accommodation in the academic year 2017/18 could be find here

Reservation deposit payment

4th August 2017

Students, who booked their accommodation on August 1st are obliged to pay the reservation deposit of 1000 CZK so that the money is transfered to the MU account on August 10th at the latest. The payment is due August 11th. Those who reserved their accommodation later are due for payment within ten days of their booking.

To pay the deposit, it is necessary to activate your SUPO account, where you can find the variable number and MU account number. Without a variable symbol it would not be possible to match the transaction to the SUPO account and the deposit would not be paid in time. It is not necessary to send the 50 CZK activation fee, you can send the whole deposit directly.

If the reservation deposit is not paid in time, the reservation will be cancelled.

The reservation deposit is automatically charged to your SUPO account on the day which it is due, you do not need to make any further transactions. Payments are transfered to SUPO every day after 1 PM.

We recommend making the payment in advance in case the payment takes longer to process, especially when paying from abroad. Allow 2 - 3 work days or more (if sending the money from abroad) for the transaction.

All the information about the payment of the deposit and accommodation can be found here and also in the FAQ section.

Jana Hradilová, Head of Residence Management SKM MU

Change of WebISKaM Authentication

24th July 2017

Dear students,

as of July 25th 2017, signing into the WebISKaM system will be integrated with the unified MUNI login. Please use your UČO number and primary password to sign in.

Ing. František Dočekal, Head of Technical Division

Reservation of Beds for the Academic Year 2017/18

7th July 2017

Reservation of beds for the academic year 2017/18 will be launched according to the timetable on August 1st 2017 at 9 A.M. in ISKAM

For information about accommodation prices, accommodation contract samle, etc. see the Documents section.

If you haven't found what you are looking for - before sending an email, please see the FAQ section.

Jana Hradilová, Residence Manager

Holiday accommodation at MU halls of residence

27th June 2017

Holiday accommodation instructions for the year 2017 including the price list have been posted to the Documents section.

During summer holidays, accommodation is available at Vinařská A1, Kounicova, bří Žůrků and Klácelova halls of residence.

The deadline for online reservations via ISKAM was June 25th, 2017. The only way to reserve a room at the moment is by contacting the accommodation provider of the selected halls of residence.

Jana Hradilová, Residence Manager

Changes in payments as of September 1st 2017

5th April 2017

Starting from the new academic year 2017/2018, there will be an increase in prices of accommodation at all University halls of residence, due to refurbishment costs. The price increase will be 1 CZK a day including VAT.

The halls of residence with internet connection will no longer charge an extra fee for this service. It will be included in the overall price of the accommodation at 4 CZK a day including VAT.

The fee for using a washing machine will be reduced to 40 CZK per wash cycle including VAT.

The price list valid from 1st September 2017 is available in the documents section.

Jana Hradilová, residence manager

Accommodation information for the academic year 2017/18

7th March 2017

The Rules for Accommodation and Reservation and Timetable have been uploaded to the documents section.

Accommodation contracts for Vinařská halls of residence, block A2, will only be valid until April 30th 2018 due to a planned reconstruction. It will be possible to extend the contract during February/March 2018 with regard to currently vacant beds.

Jana Hradilová, head of residence management SKM MU

Payment from abroad

1st February 2017

Information needed for the payment of the reservation deposit and dormitory fee from abroad (IBAN, Swift) can be found here.

SKM MU Accommodation management

Municipal waste disposal fee

1st September 2016

From this year on, the obligation to pay the waste disposal fee applies newly also to all the foreigners staying in the area of Brno for more than 90 days. This local fee does not relate in any way to the payment for the accommodation. SKM has no futher information concerning the waste disposal fee. All the information can be found or requested for on the web of Brno Municipal Government (Magistrát města Brna). FAQ on the Brno Municipal Governemt web.

Jana Hradilová, head of housing service