Vinařská Canteen

The Vinařská Canteen is situated on the premises of the halls of residence at 5 Vinařská street near the Brno exhibition centre and the Faculty of Economics and Administration - find on the map. The canteen provides catering for MU students and staff and for the public.

Vinařská Canteen

The canteen offers

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Current menu

  • five kinds of meals: two meat meals, one vegetarian meal, a a low-fat meal (poultry or fish). Meals can be ordered up to one week in advance online or at ordering points in canteens. These meals can also be purchased without pre-ordering according to the daily offer.
  • meals made to order
  • salads, fruit, desserts

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 14:00 o'clock


Address: Vinařská 499/5, 603 00 Brno
Department Head: 549 49 2716
e-mail: menza(tečka)vinarska(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz

The canteen (Stránice in the background, St. Augustine church on Kraví hora, the white dot on the horizon is the Babí lom watchtower (562 meters above sea level) about 12,5 km away) The canteen distribution counter distribution counter dining hall dining hall