|  March 2023
29 Mar 2023, 16:30

Dear students,

Allow me to present our new quarterly Accommodation and Catering Services (SKM) newsletter. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible on our dormitories. You will continue to receive other important information by e-mail as well.

This first issue contains the important fact that the prices of accommodation will not increase this year, as well as an overview of some aspects of operation of SKM. If you want to find out more about reconstructions and renovations in upcoming weeks and months, or recommendations regarding grants and stipends, there is an article as well. Included in the newsletter is a link to the current accommodation price list.

I hope this new communication channel will contribute to increased awareness and better understanding of the life in our dormitories and their operation.

We are looking forward to your tips on what you would like to read in our newsletter. Please send any ideas and opinions to

On behalf of all employees of SKM, let me assure you that we are doing our best for your comfort at Masaryk University dormitories.

Kamil Kulíšek
Director, Accommodation and Catering Services

Prices not to go up this year thanks to savings

Last year the Accommodation and Catering Services (SKM) paid CZK 56 million on utilities alone, which is double the amount paid in 2021. The economic circumstances forced the university to increase the prices of accommodation in the fall of 2022 and February this year. Right now energy consumption has been reduced by 10–15% which, considering the most recent changes, means savings. Thanks to them accommodation prices will remain unchanged for the rest of the year.


Kounicova hall of residence to be renovated

Masaryk University has its accommodation facilities at nine locations all over the city. Most of them are older buildings where operation and maintenance are more challenging. This year MU shall renovate the interior at the Mánesova hall of residence and the reconstruction of the Kounicova halls of residence shall commence as well. Works shall start on the high-rise building close to the Faculty of Law. The renovation of the interior as well as plumbing and utilities will give students the increased comfort of rooms with en-suite toilet and bathroom.


Do not miss your opportunity for accommodation grant

You are entitled to accommodation grant during your first bachelor, master or doctoral study programme, if you are a full-time student with permanent residence address outside of Brno. Be aware of the deadlines for the confirmation of eligibility to the accommodation grant as it cannot be claimed retroactively. The deadline for the confirmation of eligibility is from 15 March to 15 April for the first half-year and from 1 November to 30 November for the second half-year.


Summer regime: three dormitories available

Just like every summer, MU halls of residence will be available. Due to cost-saving measures students will have different dormitories to choose from, compared with last year – namely Kounicova, Sladkého and Vinařská A1.

A total of almost 1,400 beds will be available; usually approximately 900 students are interested in summertime accommodation. You can apply between 1 June and 23 June.

Due to the summer regime the originally scheduled wall painting at the Sladkého dormitory has been postponed. At the same time, the reconstruction of the roof terrace at the Bří Žůrků dormitory will be possible once the students move out.

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