|  13 Jun 2023, 12:32

Current residents have their accommodation confirmed

First two rounds of bookings took place in May for beds in MU dormitories. Accommodation and Catering Services (ACS) received 2,005 applications, which is more than last year. According to an agreement reached with the dormitory council, the opportunity to apply for accommodation for the year 2023/24 was granted only to the current occupants who will remain full-time students. International students and future freshmen have 1,292 beds allocated to them.


Mánesova and Kounicova dormitories under reconstruction

Future residents of the Mánesova dormitories can look forward to improved quality of living thanks to interior renovations which started in May. MU expects the work to be finished in September. In addition to this, works are scheduled to commence on the much more complex renovation of the Kounicova dormitories in October. Students will move in after reopening for the 2025/26 academic year.


Book your bed for the summer

Students still have time to book their accommodation at MU dormitories for the upcoming summer by 23 June. This year applicants will stay at the Kounicova, Sladkého and Vinařská-A2 dormitories. Students can move in as of 1 July; the deadline for moving out is 31 August.


Canteens will offer regular vegan dishes

All MU canteens now offer at least one vegan meal every day. They respond to modern trends in gastronomy and attempt to attract students to healthier choices and meals with reduced carbon footprint.


Dormitory councils facilitate communication with Accommodation and Catering Services

There were no candidates for extraordinary dormitory council elections at Vinařská, Mánesova, Sladkého and Bří Žůrků. Another round of elections will be announced by ACS at the beginning of the next academic year.


Fill in the survey about ACS communication

Help us improve MU Accommodation and Catering services communications. By completing a short survey, you will provide us with valuable feedback.


E-bikes and e-scooters banned in MU buildings

Electric bikes and scooters are banned in Masaryk University buildings, including dormitories due to the fire hazards associated with these modes of transport.


On behalf of the MU Accommodation and Catering Services, we wish all students a peaceful and relaxing summer.

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