Current residents have their accommodation confirmed for 2023/24

7 Jun 2023

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First two rounds of bookings took place in May for beds in MU dormitories. ACS received 2,005 applications, which is more than last year. According to an agreement reached with the dormitory council, the opportunity to apply for accommodation for the year 2023/24 was granted only to the current occupants who will remain full-time students. Foreign students and future freshmen have 1,292 beds allocated to them.

All current occupants of MU dormitories who expressed their interest in staying there next year have their applications approved; including students from the Kounicova dormitory which is scheduled for renovation starting in October.

Despite the fact that ACS has increased the number of beds by 127 due to the cancellation of the B&B at the Vinařská hall of residence, the renovation of the Kounicova dormitory will actually reduce the number of beds by 581, from the total capacity of 3,878 beds.

The number of beds available to foreign students in the Erasmus and Degree programmes has remained unchanged at 741.

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