USKM – Sustainable Accommodation and Catering Services. The area of university catering is a section with great potential for the implementation of sustainable initiatives.

Global warming is a big problem that we face as a human being. It is caused by man and his detrimental behaviour towards the planet and has a huge impact on the course of the weather on Earth.

Climate change has occurred in the past, but current changes are faster than any known event in Earth's history. The main causes are greenhouse gas emissions, mainly of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4).

Every person, as well as every society, should strive to reduce the emissions that scientists believe global warming causes. We are trying to do that as well. We understand the irreplaceable role of a healthy environment and feel the need for responsible management of natural resources.

It is never too late to start caring and to do the right thing. But the important thing is that we start doing these right things as soon as possible and all together!

Each of us should start with ourselves and together raise a new generation of people for whom taking care of the environment and respect for nature will be a matter of course.

Masaryk University places great emphasis on a varied and balanced menu of quality dishes including vegan and gluten-free meals, as well as on the locality of the ingredients used. Minimising waste and its further recovery, it is already commonplace.

The functioning of university dormitories and canteens plays a crucial role in overall water and energy consumption and in the production of waste, so it is essential to take a very responsible and complex approach to this area. The principles of responsible purchasing must be also taken into acount meanwhile purchasing raw materials and energy for SKM.

Main goals

  • Improving communication with students and the public
  • Optimization of the range and quality of the services provided by Accommodation and Catering Services of MU in the area of accommodation and catering leading to the expected standard.
  • Implementation of investment strategy of Accommodation and Catering Services of MU.
  • In accordance with sustainable development principles, handle resources of energy, water and waste
  • Implementing systemic measures to reduce the amount of production of non-recyclable waste

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