Accommodation in dormitories for semester or year

Arrange accommodation for one or two semesters at one of the MU dormitories.   


Exchange of beds at the MU dormitories

Is posiible the exchange of beds at the MU dormitories?

  • Two students can agree to an exchange of beds at the MU dormitories. Changing your current bed for a vacant one is only possible if demand for vacant beds by not-yet-accommodated applicants is met.

  • Exchanging beds between two students:
    Students who are interested in exchanging beds must send an email to with a request for the exchange to the manager of the given dormitory.

    If the exchange is possible, both students are to visit the accommodation office of the given dormitory. The manager will conduct a formal check-out and issue a confirmation of their check-out. This confirmation is to be presented at the new dormitory, where an appendix to the accommodation contract on the change of residence is to be signed.

  • Exchanging your current bed for a vacant one:

    The student who wants to conduct the exchange will contact the manager of the dormitory with an inquiry about any free capacity.

    If the capacity is free, the student will come to the accommodation office of his or her current dormitory for a confirmation of the check-out and then go with the confirmation of check-out  to the manager of the new dormitory.

  • When checking out of a dormitory, students are obliged to pay up all their outstanding accommodation fees including dormitory services in accordance with the accommodation contract. If the accommodation fee is paid by direct debit, it is important to change the debit limit to the corresponding amount required by the new dormitory where he or she is moving to.

  • Beds can be exchanged at any time during the month.

Checking out

What is the course of action if I want to leave the halls of residence earlier than the accommodation contract finishes?

The accommodation contract can be cancelled prematurely in accordance with article II paragraph 2b with a month notice period. The notice form will be given to you by the accommodation provider of the relevant dormitory and online at this web. The facts stated above apply regardless of the reason for the termination of the contract, which means it also applies to cases when studies are terminated involuntarily.

Why am I charged for a premature termination of accommodation when I had the account settled on the day of the termination of accommodation?

You are not charged any extra fees, only for the last month of your accommodation. The payment is split into two payments - the first part is for accommodation until the day of the contract termination and the rest of the month is charged as a premature termination of accommodation.

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