Exchange of beds at the halls of residence

23rd January 2020

Bed changes will be possible on Monday, February 3, 2020. For more information please see the notice regarding the exchange of beds. Requests for an exchanges on 3rd February 2020 should be sent not earlier than January 30, 2020 to

Free bed exchanges will be possible only if all dormitory applicants are satisfied.

Available beds can be found here

Requests for exchanges received before Januray 30, 2020 will not be considered.

Jana Hradilová, accommodation manager

Current bookings

19th December 2019

Due to the limited operation of individual halls of residence during the Christmas holidays, online bookings will not be possible until 5th January, 2020.
In case you are interested in booking accommodation during this period of time, it will be necessary to send an email directly to the person in charge of the particular dormitory or at

Jana Hradilová, Accommodation Manager

Residence fee

17th December 2019

Under the amendment to Act No. 565/1990 Sb. and the generally binding decree of the statutory city of Brno 17/2019 on local fees effective from 1/1/2020, we are required to charge a stay fee of less than 61 days for accommodation. This fee is paid to the relevant municipal area.

Current fee rate is for Brno-centre (Klácelova, nám. Míru, Tvrdého, Veveří, Vinařská, Grohova) - 21 CZK per night, Brno-South (bří. Žůrků a Sladkého) - 21 CZK/night, Brno-Královo pole (Mánesova, Kounicova) - 15 CZK/night, Brno-Židenice (Čejkova) - 21 CZK/night.

The full text of the decree incl. annexes on the official board of Brno.

Jana Hradilová, Accommodation Manager

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