Broken appliances? Report them online

Whether you are first-year students or you are coming back to your dormitories after the summer break you must check in within five days of the commencement of your reservation. Should you fail to show up without a written excuse, your contract of accommodation will be invalidated and you will lose your deposit.

15 Sep 2023

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Having received your keys and arrived in your room, you must inspect it for damages and defects and the general condition. “Students will receive a handover/takeover protocol where they can report any defects and deficiencies they discover in the room. They must do so within three days. So, for example, if they find out that the room has not been cleaned properly, or their lamp is not working, or the blinds are broken, they will report the findings in the protocol which must be submitted in our office. Our maintenance staff will address the issue,” says the Mánesova dormitory clerk Irena Štejnarová.

Bedding is not provided in rooms out of health concerns. Students use their own, or they can purchase a package containing a pillow, blanket, bed sheets and bedding for CZK 600.

Repair log book

Each room has its own fridge; shared premises include kitchenettes equipped with a stove, microwave, kettle and hot plate. A washer and dryer are available in the shared laundry room. “Students must disclose all appliances they want to have in their rooms, such as cell phones, laptops, hair dryers, irons, toaster or electric toothbrush,” Štejnarová explains.

All defects and issues requiring repairs, whether in rooms or in common areas, are reported electronically. “We cannot efficiently respond to oral reports or Facebook posts, which is why all defects should be reported via the ACS portal and the physical repair log book (“Kniha závad” in Czech). In addition to the location and description of the defect, students can attach a photo,” says ACS Director Kamil Kulíšek.

Ban on e-bikes and scooters

E-bikes and e-scooters cannot be brought into MU buildings, including dormitories and canteens; the ban applies to charging and storage as well. “It is not our intention to harass students and we are aware of complications arising from this ban, but safety must remain our top priority. We must reduce all possible risks and, as a provider of accommodation services, we must comply with the applicable legislation in this regard,” Kulíšek commented on the ban.


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