Student accommodation

Accommodation and Catering Services offers 3825 beds in 11 student accommodation facilities in different parts of Brno for different prices.

At all halls of residence there is Internet connection. There is a laundry room, TV room and a study room available at each halls of residence. All rooms are equipped with a fridge.


Payment of the reservation deposit

16th July 2019

Edit: The deposit is displayed in the SUPO account as "blocked balance". Incoming payments are credited every working day at 13:00.

Due to recurring questions regarding the payment of the reservation deposit, I am adding this information:
all claims are always automatically paid from the available balance of your SUPO account on the due date. This information can be found in the SUPO account statement. The condition for a successful payment is a sufficient available balance and of course an activated SUPO account. See our instruction in this document:

Lucie Wagnerová, assistant for accommodation

Confirmation of providing the accommodation

9th July 2019

Note for foreign students:  „Confirmation of providing the accommodation“ either for the purpose of granting a visa or prolonging it is to be written out only on the basis of a written application sent by e-mail at:  at least one week before your visit at OAMP or the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country.  We send the confirmation by data box to relevant authorities only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!!!!!!!!

Thus, ask for your confirmation in time!!!!!

Lucie Wagnerová, ubytovací provoz SKM

Reservation of Beds for Academic Year 2019/20-1st year students

28th May 2019

First-year students may book a bed only after being enrolled in their studies as of July 31st 2019. Foreign students may book a bed as of July 8th 2019.

Reservation will be launched according to the timetable  at 10 A.M. in ISKAM in both of the above terms

For information about accommodation prices, accommodation contract samle, etc. see the Documents section.

Accommodation contracts for Vinařská halls of residence, block A2, will only be valid until April 30th 2020 due to a planned reconstruction. It will be possible to extend the contract during February/March 2020 with regard to currently vacant beds.

The deposit payment is due within 10 days of the booking. If the deposit is not fully paid in time, the booking will be cancelled. For more information see the Instructions for the payment of deposits and rental.

If you haven't found what you are looking for - before sending an email, please see the FAQ section.

Jana Hradilová, Residence Manager

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