Student accommodation

Accommodation and Catering Services offers 3825 beds in 11 student accommodation facilities in different parts of Brno for different prices.

At all halls of residence there is Internet connection. There is a laundry room, TV room and a study room available at each halls of residence. All rooms are equipped with a fridge.


Early termination of accommodation

30th March 2020

Come into effect from March 27th, 2020, it is possible to end accommodation prematurely on the current date when the student has properly checked out of the dorm - they clear out and hand over the room. However, in this context, please note that if a student stays for less than 61 days we will have to charge a residence fee see below.

Jana Hradilová, accommodation manager

Accommodation information in academic year 2020/21

30th March 2020

Edit 30.3.2020
The start of reservations is postponed by 14 days, ie. 6.4. No reservations for the next academic year will be started. We will inform the students about the exact date.

Edit 25.3.
The schedule of reservations and accommodation will be adjusted in connection with the change of Schedule academic year MU.
Students who have checked out of the dormitory on March 1, 2020 will be treated as currently accommodated students for the purposes of booking for the academic year 2020/21.

12.3.2020 Documents relating to academic year 2020/21 are published in the documents section. There is a residence fee price list, a timetable and instruction to pay a (refundable) deposit and a residence fee, and a sample agreement. Please read these documents, especially the following changes and news:

Prices increase by 3% (inflation + energy price increase)

Booking bail has increased to 2 000 CZK. In case of entering the dormitory and only after accommodation has finished, you will get a refund. The bail is used to cover any damage and arrears.

Jana Hradilová, Accommodation Manager

Measures in Brno in relation to the current situation

18th March 2020

More detailed information on precautionary measures in the city of Brno with regard to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus outbreak you find on thi webpage

Jana Hradilová, accommodation manager

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