MobilKredit pro Android

Mobile application MobileKredit makes it possible to:

  • Display the available offer of meals that are currently available in the canteen (including prices)
  • Browse through the menu for the following days.
  • Place and cancel orders of meals for the following days, offering pre-ordered meals to the market.
  • Find out the current balance.
  • Check your account history.

MobileKredit installation

The MobileKredit application is available for Android and iOS platforms (iPad, iPhone):

MobileKredit for Android

The application can be found in Google Play under the name MobilKredit 2.

MobileKredit for iOS

The application can be found in AppStore (iTunes) under the name MobilKredit 2.

To install the application choose the Masaryk universityas a provider.

Logging into MobilCredit

All the boarders can log into their boarding account only after having been assigned an active card and when the account is active:

MU boarders

Active persons at MU. After logging in, enter your UČO and secondary password. If you do not have a secondary password create it.

Other boarders

Persons who have opened their accounts manually use a login in the form c+evidence number, which they will be assigned on request as well as the generated password at any cash desk of the canteen.

Should there be any problems, come to the operation office of any canteen or use the following e-mail: stravovani(zavináč)skm(tečka)muni(tečka)cz.